Web Video production services

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. based out of Bangalore, India provides this service to the domestic audience as well as out sourced service to client abroad.

A Web Video is simply a promotional video that you put on your website or on YouTube AND OTHER VIDEO HOSTING CHANNELS. It can vary in length anywhere from 30-seconds up to 2-3 minutes. A Web Video can show your product in action, take a tour of your facility, introduce the owner or key employees or educate the consumer as to why they need your product or service. Each Web video package is customized to meet your needs and your budget!

Online Video Marketing and Analytics Integration

We help you incorporate this video into your Online Marketing mix, through the use of customized video sharing and YouTube. We will help you develop Key/Tag words, work with your social media presence and customize your video player to match your website.

Our Online Marketing services can help bring more potential clients to your website, keep them on your site longer and improve their experience with your company

Social Media Integration:

We can help you set up your accounts, upload your videos and use them strategically to generate a buzz about your company

Video will convert more visitors into sales and enquiries more effectively

No other promotional or marketing tool delivers a faster return on investment

Your online credibility and impact will significantly increase

If you want to know more please mail us at swiftsol@itswift.com