Software Application Training

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. with many years of experience provides e-Learning solution for rapid capture and delivery of training/simulations, documentation and performance support which include automated and context-sensitive help for better assimilation

Our Methodology

Employee Performance Support System ( EPSS) or Software application e-Learning is a means of constantly keeping employees trained with their application interface and their upgrades as user acceptance is very critical in successful adoption of any application.

The methods of treatment for design of e-Learning content for software applications depend on the complexity of workflow and user interaction.

The following are the methods followed by Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Screen Capture

Screen capture is the simplest type of simulation, displaying actual screens used within the application while voice-over audio explains the action. Screen captures are essentially moving pictures that follow a set script. For demonstration of simple concepts like user login and other redundant tasks screen captures will be used.


Point-and-click provides the most basic interactive simulation. A point-and-click simulation presents an application screen and lets learners click on hotspots, which are pre-defined interactive regions. Point-and-click simulations target specific areas and avoid actual data input. When learners click on hotspots, the simulation reacts by presenting feedback, moving the simulation forward, or asking learners to click on another hotspot. These simulation exercise is useful if we have validated fields for ex. FIR No.(Should be Numeric), we explain the learner when he click on that particular field. For Moderate Level of Difficulty and frequency of screen this method could be used to train the end-user.

Data input simulations

Data input simulations provide robust application-style interactivity. In addition to simple clicks, they simulate input elements, such as menus, drop-down areas, check boxes, radio buttons, and text fields. In short, they have the same data input capabilities of the actual application. For Higher Level of Difficulty in application usage and Critical Application this method will be followed to simulate the application

Swift Solution Software application training and performance support portals include the following options and components:

  • Enterprise application support portals and performance management dashboards
  • Application skill assessment based on job-roles to identify competency gaps
  • Online learning modules and assessments
  • Animated product demos and software application simulations (step-by-step instructions and skill testing)
  • Rapid creation and delivery of software product/application news, updates, release notes, case studies, white papers, and FAQs
  • Performance support provides context-based guidance within the actual application for the right knowledge without leaving the application environment (no messy software integration required)
  • Content conversion (from classroom training, manuals, printed materials) services to populate the portals
  • Complete hosting and technical support