e-Learning Solutions for online Sales Training

Enterprise wide sales training roll out using e-Learning solutions

Sales teams are always on the move. In a fast paced environment where complex products are sold and products by themselves change frequently aligning to customer needs, it's a challenge for organizations to adapt to the changing needs and provide relevant sales training programs on the fly.

Training of sales staff is focused on sales process, behavioural changes and of course Product Training. An on-line e-Learning sales training program not only addresses these issues but also reduces the training cost considerably.

For many product Manufacturers, for example, an e-Learning program can help get the word out about new products and those products, unique features, benefits and applications.

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. based out of Bangalore, India develops online training content for sales staff for them to access remotely while taking case of training administration using a learning management software system.

When building an online training course, the Manufacturer/Service Provider has complete control over the messaging that goes out to its distributors. This allows for consistent training and ensures the message that is delivered throughout the sales channel – from buyers, sellers and ultimately the end-user – is as accurate and compelling as possible.

From a financial perspective, this message consistency and delivery (via e-Learning) can greatly impact sales by extending a message throughout the entire channel and reaching more sales people. While there will always be a place for live, Instructor-led training, online training can help lower expenses such as travel – and still reach a broader audience.

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