Rapid e-Learning Content Development

Rapid e-Learning content development using authoring tools

Rapid authoring tools are 3rd party software tools available in the market to create e-Learning courses on the fly. Pre-built components for quiz and interactivity and template driven application with a plug and play option rapidly decreases the time of development and deployment by 40-50% compared to conventional methods.

Nowadays business moves at the speed of thought and this propels the demand for training content be delivered at the moment. With ever-changing products, business environment and compliance issue etc., client want us e-Learning content to be delivered in days rather than weeks or months. This is where we position rapid authoring tools for quick delivery

Then you need to go for Rapid authoring tools to develop and deploy effective elearing content in the nick of time.Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. has been developing Rapid e-Learning content using

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