e-Learning solutions for online Product Training

e-Learning solution for updating and applying product knowledge

Nowadays walk into any electronic store and if you want to buy a new smart phone, you have to talk to a smart sales guy to get the best product information and its comparison vis-à-vis other phones. The sales guy is the last mile and crucial factor in influencing your buying decision.

Product knowledge of a sales guy would make or break a sale. If you have to rapidly and effectively communicate product knowledge to various customer facing representatives, and efficiently communicate upgrades or updates on product features on a click of button, then e-Learning solution is best and fastest way to have your team updated with latest product knowledge.

Key Benefits of using e-Learning solutions to disseminate product knowledge.

We can create an Interactive online training program with a personalized login profile, to view and interact with product features with an effective assessment strategy.

Provide the training simultaneously to product teams across geographies and monitor their participation and product knowledge with effective reporting system.

Solutions for online product training - Application areas

3D walkthrough of products: Include a simple linear step-by-step explanation of features of product , which might include explanation of each part, principle of operation and the technology adopted.

Interactive Product features presentation and benefits: The product features are explained with an interactive element allowing the users to click, drag, drop etc for better assimilation.

Product application simulation: In this type of e-Learning module development we will create or re-create scenarios which simulate real life work interactions and allow the user to apply their product knowledge and test his readiness to face the customer.

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