e-Learning Solutions for Process Training

e-Learning solution for updating and applying process based knowledge

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. based out of Bangalore, India has developed numerous e-Learning courses for companies who wanted to train their employees on various business process executed.

Business processes are set of rules which govern the physical and information flow and guide the people to function effectively and consistently.

The business defined by certain process is people centric and is also based on the roles played by them at each level of hierarchy in an enterprise.

To perform their duties the employees have to be trained on these processes at every level to contribute to the success of the organization.

Our approach:

Include a simple linear step-by-step explanation of features of product, which might include explanation of each situation, flow of information and material with some interactive problem posing questions.

If there are multiple scenarios to a problem then an iterative or branching models could be used to show multiple outcome for the same process.

Key Benefits

Defined business process are executed efficiently by employees

As the process and the context are defined the focus is on the application of the process rather than mere process itself as we would be using real –life situations to explain problem arrears and giving test scenarios to users to resolve those issues.

Application Areas

Organizations undergoing business process changes which might include merger, demerger, acquisition or transition from a family oriented firm to a corporatized structure.

Large geographically distributed companies aiming to standardize their business processes across locations.

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