MOOCs solution to universities and Training institutions

What is MOOC?
MOOCs (massive open online courses) are free and are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The courses are flexible, done at any time, short (5 – 10weeks) and predominantly video driven. It is collaborative and any stake holder can discuss a course with fellow students or faculty via chat, online forums, discussion boards and peer review.

How it Works?
Combined use of video and intelligent discussion forums. The content is available online from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The courses consist of units built by a set of knowledge nuggets. Nuggets are short videos that can be associated with supplementary material (documents, links, exercises) and questions with their respective answers.

Each course has associated an intelligent discussion forum where students and teachers can discuss and collaborate on a unit/knowledge Nugget.

Our offerings
Swift Solution offers MOOCs solution to universities and institutions to transform their learning methods and reach to the students worldwide. We offer a web based solution which can be used by the instructors, students and your partners.

We empower the faculties with the necessary infrastructure and help them with our resources deployed at your site to assist your institute or university in generating and delivering the content.

We offer the option of making your MOOC courses open (free) and close (a fee is charged) to the learners.

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC as they are popularly called have started gaining momentum because of their tremendous reach. MOOC in India too is not far behind this trend. Aiming at large scale participation through the access of the web, this mode of education is trying to reach to the masses – especially those who do not have the time to attend a full time campus program.

While the MOOC is on anvil from the ministry of education, there is a tremendous potential for it considering that over 2million registered MOOC students are from India. Knowledge hunger Indians can now get certified from the best of the universities in the world sitting at their homes.

If you are University, college, private education institution or an individual interested in creating a MOOC platform to offer your courses, then contact our team to outsource MOOC requirements.