Mobile Apps Testing Training

Mobile applications have become integral part of our lives and brought in revolutionary change in terms of user experience as well as in application development and deployment. It is important to ensure that applications are proactively designed, built and tested for mobility.

Our workshop on ‘Testing Apps on Mobile Devices’ builds expertise in testing applications on multiple platforms and vast gamut of mobile devices.

Below is the outline of the two-day workshop.

  • Understand project context
  • Know your device
  • Quick Attacks, Bugs and few heuristics
  • Test Reporting
  • Practice plan
  • Related materials and pointers

These workshops are conducted on weekend to enable working IT professionals to acquire advanced skills, hassle-free.

Our trainer: Ajay Balamurugadas, co-founder of Weekend Testing has written few short books based on his testing experience. He has successfully conducted multiple workshops on Exploratory Testing and Mobile Testing and has been awarded the best speaker award in Step-In forum. He blogs at Enjoy Testing (