Learning video production

Television was a revolution in India. A careful analysis has shown us that the medium was successful and effective in communicating, educating and entertaining.

With the advent of internet with high speed bandwidth to the nook and corner of the country, interactivity to the video has added one more dimension of learning.

Realizing the importance of video based learning, we offer various solutions for training the learners on soft skills, vocational training etc. e-Learning & training videos offer a visually engaging way to learn. Whether it’s for internal training or customer support, video offers a concise, practical & cost effective opportunity to educate staff, partners or customers.

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. has state of the Video and Audio editing studio in Bangalore, India dedicated to video based e-Learning course content development.

When do you want a Video based e-Learning developed?

  • If your target audiences are semi-literate and have poor computer literacy then it makes sense to have video shown to them on regular intervals to increase their retention. The assessment could be manual or oral in nature.
  • All un-skilled and semi-skilled workers form the target group for video based learning and whether it is workers safety, hazardous material handling, fire safety systems, electrical precautions or any other service issues or Soft skill training , videos can be become a good channel of learning.
  • Videos can be made with a quick turnaround time. Scenarios can be dramatized with actors and props if required. Even assessments can be built in the middle of the videos if required for learner intervention.
  • Video lectures Can be produced in quick turnaround time and an online web portal can be created with separate video streaming servers for faster play of videos.
  • If you have any Video based e-Learning content development requirement contact us at swiftsol@itswift.com