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e-Learning Translation and Localization Services

Translation and Localization of e-Learning Modules

Companies, Brands and business have truly become global. We could find most popular brands communicating across the globe same message but in their local language.

We have various instances where training material created at one country getting translated to various languages. Typically product information, sales training, induction programs, software simulations and other e-Learning programs are getting localized.

If a Multi-national company doing a world-wide launch of its product and if the product e-Learning module or sales module has to be delivered to different zones in different languages, then it becomes tricky proposition for companies to take up Localization and translation work.

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. will step in and will be your partner to localize and translate your e-Learning content. We have nurtured a time-tested and matured localization process to understand your needs and make you sure the essence of meaning is not lost in the translation process.

We will collaborate with you to translate your e-Learning programs and guide you in

Quality of Translators

Our Voice over experts and translators are specialists and natives. We ensure we provide you the best quality work. We also offer very reasonably priced service.

Contact us at if you have any queries or work assignments.