Corporate Video production services

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. Based out of Bangalore, India has over decade of experience in producing corporate films for top companies. We can completely understand the client’s communication goals instantly. Nuances of language accent, colors, target region and culture are always given due importance.

You can count on us if you have a very short time to produce any AVs for your needs, be a curtain raiser, corporate film, product film promotional films or HR inspiration film.

We offer the following services for corporates

  • Marketing Video
  • Instant Impact Video
  • Public Information Video
  • Conference DVD
  • Marketing Gallery
  • Promotional Video

We help you in

  • Determining the best creative approach that meets your Goal without diluting the message
  • Determine the ideal runtime of your video for your audience
  • Organize plan and produce video based your budget and to extract best value for money.
  • Work as a team to develop the most persuasive video script after collating all the required information
  • Document all plans, storyboards, schedules and approvals so your production comes in to-time and to-budget
  • Shoot using high end camera operators and talented directors to bring the best of output
  • Meticulously edit your footage to produce a compelling visual story
  • Animate graphics for vivid communication of ideas & concepts