e-Learning Solutions for Compliance Training

e-Learning solution for quick rollout of Compliance Training enterprise wide

Regulatory Compliance involves policies and processes which firms have in place to ensure they follow the very many laws, rules and regulations put in place by the bodies which control business activity in a given jurisdiction.

Hence it’s imperative that employees of a firm are aware of regulations and taking steps to comply with them.

Across Industry domains we have regulatory mechanisms like Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Hazardous material Safety, Sexual harassment, HIPPA etc and it’s a challenge for training managers to deploy and monitor regulatory compliance training in their organization.

Swift Solution Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore, India is at the forefront in offering e-Learning content development for compliance e-Learning related courses and its administration.

Automation of scheduled compliance training through e-Learning platform provides opportunity for organizations to customize their training needs with respect to compliance requirements and quickly and costs effectively deploy training and also monitor user progress which might become a statutory requirement.

It is important for employees to understand the context while they are complying with the regulations. Hence a customized training program would certainly make a difference than deploying off the shelf e-Learning content.

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